Cellulite Diet

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What is cellulite? Why does it happen? And, most importantly, is it possible to experience cellulite reduction or overcome it and get into that sexy bikini suite without being concerned about your appearance? In this video Yulia answers all these questions, as well as sharing her own personal story with before and after photos.

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21 Responses to Cellulite Diet

  1. MsNaturalisNormal says:

    U have the same accent as thebarbiewithmuscle I think. I think she has a
    vid on cellulite, but I love your advice better. Makes more sense.

  2. h00dini says:

    do you use olive oil?

  3. sillyogi says:

    Cell-you-lite. Or is that how they say it in England?

  4. Rawsomehealthy says:

    No oils internally. Sometimes when certain water dries my skin I use
    coconut oil on my skin.

  5. Rawsomehealthy says:

    Yes exactly! lol!

  6. Stefan Müller says:

    My grandma rubbed freshed pressed organic lemon juice in the skin combined
    with aloe vera 1 hour later.

  7. sweetpagoda says:

    dry skin brushing works for me.

  8. MoonRose8 says:

    Can conraception have negative effects?? you said it´s hormonal, so it
    would make sense… Great video! Thanks 🙂

  9. Rawsomehealthy says:

    Yes contraception can have very negative effects.

  10. jimmywx11 says:

    Little know fact as well – cellulite is menstruation that has been trapped
    in the body. this is why men don’t get it. Yulia video is perfect. but
    would add to also keep your uterus and colon clean. but the raw diet takes
    care of that for you. Peace to all.

  11. marco antonio fogaça nogueira says:

    Actually, its sell-you-light

  12. Victoria Franco says:

    If a do rollerblade and 100 squats a day + a healthy diet can I combat the
    awful effect of contraceptive pills?. Thanksssssss

  13. y kim says:

    Hi~ You mentioned that toxins can make body store fat.. But what’s largely
    helped me eat more salads is vinegar which u say is toxic.. Then do u think
    getting rid of these condiments (tho non-fat) will help w cellulite?

  14. Rawsomehealthy says:

    Bottom line is improving your health by removing any non health promoting
    food stuffs will help your body to heal and further improve its overall

  15. Rawsomehealthy says:

    Would suggest you look at more natural and non-harming types of

  16. Bananaqueen says:

    How long did it take before you noticed a difference?

  17. Rawsomehealthy says:

    I cannot remember exactly, but I would say several months.

  18. MyNonLeatherLife says:

    How long did it take you to transform your body and get rid of it? I’m very

  19. Rawsomehealthy says:

    I was not keeping an exact log of time, but it would be around 6 plus

  20. June A. Clark says:

    The most crucial part to get eliminating cellulite is exercising and proper
    eating plan. There is absolutely no lotion or cream to stop cellulite

  21. Morris Beckham says:

    Colorful vegetables are loaded with Vitamin C which helps in preventing the
    breakdown of collagen which forms the support structure of the skin. Add
    more of citrus fruits like oranges and lemon to your diet to maintain the
    elasticity of the skin. Add at least 75 milligrams of Vitamin C daily.

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